YUKKI HILL - a large family. And a success story!

The headquarters from the dog kennel YUKKI HILL is located ten  kilometres outside of St. Petersburg. Our second location is near  Frankfurt in Germany. Thereby we have a presence in Europe, can participate in dog shows everywhere, are members of several dog clubs and are informed as well as we are professionals in puppy and dog transportation.

All our dogs live with us. They are around us in house, play in our large garden, they like to be on couch in living-room watching television with us or sleep in a sofa chair in front of the fireplace.

Our dogs are members of our family - and our best friends.

The kennel YUKKI HILL exist for more than ten years now. Our experience with dogs is more than twice as large. During this time our dogs were able to win the biggest titles on the biggest shows. It is not often that Gordon Setters are the best dogs of all dog races (Best in Show), but YUKKI HILL dogs often did it. We got Champion titles of a lot of countries: four of our dogs won five or more countries (Multi-Champion). From our kennel were coming out two World Winner and European Winner, five International Champion, three International Show-Champion and Junior World- and Euro-Winner. We are proud that our foundation bitch was World Winner with an age of four years and Veteran World Winner with an age of nine years.

For the kennel YUKKI HILL are working some of the best groomer and show-handler. It shows our high standard, our quality and trust in us and our dogs.

Our wonderful dogs delight our friends and us with their health and  beauty. We will continue this by careful selection of the parents from our litters. We will continue to check the health of our dogs regularly. Good and stable results confirm the chosen path we are going.

We are very pleased to have a cordial and friendly relation with the owners of our puppies. We are happy about their success and always ready to help them, hand in hand. Because we understand each other as a big family: the YUKKI HILL family.

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